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Hanami and Fresh Fish 03.04.2015
Kurashiki Adventures 01.04.2015
My Life Was on the Line (by Dick) 01.04.2015
Dick on Onomichi/Innoshima 27.03.2015
How Could It Get Better After Miyajima? 27.03.2015
Photos, We've Got Photos! 27.03.2015
Adventures on the Hozugawa 18.03.2015
Elegance and Serenity 15.03.2015
Further Ruminations by Dick 15.03.2015
Temples, Tomodachi (Friends), and Tori (Birds) 13.03.2015
Food, Food, Glorious Food 10.03.2015
Life in Kyoto--Early Days 07.03.2015
On the Road Again 04.03.2015